Ashton Kutcher In Hot Water With CBS

Many people noticed during this week’s episode of ‘Two And A Half Men’ when Kutcher’s character was sitting with a laptop featuring a number of tech company stickers, including Forsquare, a company Kutcher has shares of.

It sort of fit the back story of “Internet billionaire” that his character plays, but apparently he pulled it off without CBS knowing.

Kutcher reportedly snuck the prop onto the set for the scene, and CBS has since released a statement saying:

“This was not part of any advertising transaction with CBS. Our policy is to disclose such financial interests in a credit at the end of the broadcast.”

They didn’t notice during post production or episode reviews?

Something’s fishy…

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One Response to Ashton Kutcher In Hot Water With CBS

  1. October 4, 2011 at 2:01 am #

    Chuck Lorre…Losing!!!!   Loved this TV show, not seeing this lasting too much longer…..

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