Ke$ha Apologizes For Andrew W.K.’s Infected Tattoo

Ke$ha is no tattoo artist, so does it come as a surprise that she’s left a friend infected after doing a little artwork on them?

Ke$ha recently tattooed fellow party rocker Andrew W.K., but it wasn’t in the traditional way, it was with a safety pin and a pen!

W.K. told Spinner Magazine, “It got infected. It’s an unfortunate aftermath and my body ended up rejecting the ink and I had to go to the doctor. But it actually left a nice scar which was, in fact, cooler than the tattoo that’s in the exact shape of the tattoo.”

Ke$ha took to her twitter page to apologize, but maintains it wasn’t her fault!

“Not my fault. His safety pin. His pen. But at least it looks cool. Party. (Animalsss (fans), don’t try this at home…sorry @andrewwk!)”

Don’t try this at home, kids!

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