Jonah Hill Still Living At Home With His Parents

So it’s not necessarily some big time actor who just hasn’t left the nest, but Jonah Hill is currently occupying a room in his parents home.

The actor bought a Hollywood home with some of that Superbad money, but after choosing to renovate, he was forced to move all of his things into storage, and move back in with his parents.

The renovations were supposed to take a couple of months, but two years later, it’s not finished.

Hill tells Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show,

“They (contractors) were like, ‘It’ll be two months tops…’ I probably should have just built it myself… with three of my buddies. It would probably be somewhat ready by now.

“I’ve been living with my folks and I’ll be 28 in December… That’s a true test of if you’re actually a stud – if you can pull a girl while you live with your folks.”

Hill, who has famously lost a boat load of pounds,  recently split from his long time girlfriend, due to conflicting schedules.

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