The X Factor’s Shocking Double Elimination

Last night’s elimination episode of The X Factor was a complete shocker!

Not only was Astro eliminated, but after the “sing for your life” round which featured Drew vs. Marcus, the judges voted to send Drew home.

Simon Cowell was speechless, and placed the blame on himself, as Drew’s mentor, for the song choice from the night before, but as the two of the shows youngest and favorite stars were sent packing on the same night we ask, does the formula work?

After Astro’s elimination, Drew and Marcus were asked to sing for their life.  It then came down to a judges vote.  With the certainty that two of the judges will save their own (In this case, Simon and LA Reid) it comes down to the vote of the other two judges.  (Scherzinger  and Abdul)   Nicole chose first to send Drew home, so the fate of Drew sending it to the tie breaker lie in the hands of Paula Abdul?  Really?

Maybe she would have been sent home anyways after the tie break, but It doesn’t seem fair to leave it up to two judges who may have vendettas, and two who have team bias.

Anyone going to watch from here on out?

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