Justin Bieber’s Birthday Wish: Charity Water!

Justin Bieber turns 18 today!  It’s the day that girls ages 18-24 have been waiting for, and the day girls ages 18-under have been dreading for a long time.

Justin Bieber can… vote!

In exchange for gifts, Bieber is asking that his friends and family make a donation to charity water.

He writes,

“Last year for my birthday, you gave me the best birthday present I could ever ask for — you donated $47,148 to bring clean water to over 2,357 people! I’m so thankful for what we were able to accomplish together. This year, I want to do it again!

But this time, I’m inviting everyone to join me and start your own fundraising campaigns. Give up your birthday, start a lemonade stand, run a race… you can do anything to raise money for clean water. Best of all, 100% will directly help people in need.”

We assume Ke$ha, who celebrates her 24th today,  just asked for whiskey and glitter…

Happy birthday Justin!


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