Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino & Apps Genius Launch “The Situation’s Arcade”


Apps Genius Corp announced on Friday the release of  “The Situation and Family
Boardwalk Arcade” for Facebook.  A new online game that features the classic Jersey Shore boardwalk
games “Fascination” and “Frog Toss”.

The two new games are being released under the partnership agreement between Apps Genius and Jersey Shore star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his
family, and they feature the company’s new Achievement and Rewards platform, which will allow users to receive real prizes as the players progress in the game.
From the official release:

Gameplay for both “Fascination” and “Frog Toss” will feature a competitive environment
in which players compete against 9 other people at a time. Players receive tickets as
achievements for winning their round of play and can redeem those tickets for real items,
including The Situation’s arcade tattoo and his famous gym bags, which will be mailed
to the players. Players start with 25 free tokens and receive additional tokens based on
their achievement level every day that they log in. Additional tokens are available for
purchase using Facebook credits or can be earned by finishing certain marketing offers
available on Facebook.

“Mike’s Fascination” is a longtime boardwalk tradition that is a competitive game of
skill. It requires players to “roll” virtual balls onto a square grid of 25 holes; the first
player to arrange balls in a specific configuration wins. Each game lasts approximately
60 to 90 seconds, and players can see in real time how they are doing compared to their
fellow players. Players can choose between several game variations, each with its own
fun and unique challenge. “Frank’s Frog Toss”, which is named after Mike’s brother
Frank, is also a competitive game where users have to use a mallet to launch frogs onto
moving lily pads and win tickets for hitting the targets and for winning the game.

Adam Kotkin, CEO of Apps Genius, said in the statement: “Mike and his family are innovative
gamers that wanted to bring the fun of a Jersey Shore Boardwalk Arcade to social gaming. With ‘Fascination’ they are helping bringing back a great Jersey tradition for
millions of people who may have never been exposed to it. The Sorrentino family also wanted a way to take a piece of the Jersey Shore with them whenever they’re away from
home, and “The Situation & Family Boardwalk Arcade” is the ideal way to do it. Each new game for the Arcade will allow individual Sorrentino family members to express
their unique personalities. The Arcade is designed to be a fun-filled place, and we’re convinced that The Situation’s many fans will enjoy themselves while competing against
each other.”

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino added, “When I first decided that I wanted to develop games, I wanted to make sure of two things. One, that my whole family was involved in
the creative process, and two, that I could share one of the best parts of the Jersey Shore Boardwalk with all of my fans. I am looking forward to competing with everyone in
real-time in my Fascination game and Frank’s Frog Toss. I know that you will not only love the games, but also love the prizes that you can win as well.”

You can play the game by heading over to the official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TheSituationsArcade

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