Vince Vaughn To Re-Boot The Brady Bunch

According to a new report on, ‘The Brady Bunch’ could be the latest television classic to get a re-boot.

The site claims that Vince Vaughn is set to team up with ‘Rasing Hope’s’ Mike Mariano for the project, which would act as a “sequel” to the original series, centering around a divorced Bobby Brady, who is busy with children of his own, marrying a woman, who also marries a woman bringing up children from a previous marriage.

The source claims that according to the script, Brady and his new wife also share a child together, and their ex spouses would also be featured in the series.

No word on the inclusion of any of the other siblings, but you would have to expect them to all pop up here and there, right?

CBS is currently in production of the third season of another successful re-boot, ‘Hawaii Five-0.’

How do you feel about the ‘Brady’ re boot?


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