Lindsay Lohan Banned From Chateau Marmont

Lindsay Lohan has been formally banned from the Chateau Marmont, until she clears up a tab of $46,350.04 that she racked up over 47 days of staying at the famous Hollywood hotel.

Multiple outlets have obtained a letter from the General Manager of the hotel where they claim they repeatedly requested payment for the 47 day stay during tghe months of June and July.

The letter ordered Lindsay to remove her belongings by 12PM on August 1, when she would be officially banned from the entire property, including the restaurant.

So just how does one ring up a $46,000 bill in just 47 days?

$3,145.07 for the minibar, $686 for 49 packs of cigarettes at $14.00 each, $100 for a Chateau candle, and more than $2,000 at the restaurant and on room service on just July 4 alone.

Sources close to the actress have told TMZ that Lindsay was under the impression that producers for her Lifetime film ‘Liz & Dick’ were picking up the tab for her hotel stay.

If by chance Lohan did get word from producers of the film that they’d be covering her stay, would they really be happy to cover all of the extra charges, including being too lazy to get cigarettes from any store in town that sells them for more than half off of the price that the hotel charges?

The Lohan source has also claimed that she has reached out to the producers to clear up the issue, and if they won’t pay up, she’ll be happy to cover the bill.

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