Bruce Willis Seeking Partial Payment Over Vodka Deal

Actor Bruce Willis is seeking a partial payment for endorsing Sobieski Vodka for three years.

Willis signed a deal with the Belvédère Group to promote the brand’s Sobieski vodka in exchange for a 2.6 percent stake in the company in 2009, and starred in a string of commercial and newspaper advertising to promote the brand.

The firm has suffered a decline in it’s stock and is currently dealing with debts of $997 million dollars according to the Wall Street Journal, and Bruce Willis wants his share.

According to their agreement, Willis would be handed $26 million dollars if the stocks fell below a certain level, and reps for the actor met with creditors in France on Tuesday to discuss to discuss how the debts could be restructured.

Willis is only seeking a partial payment, as the company has already admitted it can not pay the full amount.







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