Sam Lutfi Wants To Manage Lindsay Lohan

With the resignation of Lindsay Lohan’s publicist, Steve Honig, Sam Lutfi is reportedly now interested in the gig.

The former manager of Britney Spears is embattled in a legal mess with Spears’ mother Lynne over the period of her time that many would refer to as her “melt down,” but a source is reporting that he’s been desperate to get hooked up with Lindsay Lohan professionally for a long time now, and reached out to her immediately after Honig quit.

The good news for everyone is that Lohan doesn’t plan on returning his call.

Lindsay has associated herself with some questionable people over the years, one could argue that her parents fall into that category, but as far as Lutfi goes, Lohan knows that he’s more trouble than he’s worth.

She also has a feeling he may be somehow aligned with her father, Michael Lohan.

A Lohan insider reported, “Lindsay says there is no way in hell she would work with Sam. She recognizes that Sam doesn’t know anything about the entertainment business and knows of the hell that Britney went through when Lutfi was acting as her ‘manager.’ Lindsay’s lawyers and agents would never work with Lutfi in any capacity — and quite frankly, the last thing Lindsay wants or needs in her life right now is Sam Lutfi.”

It’s probably for the best!

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