Justin Timberlake Talks New Music!

Justin Timberlake is a newlywed and an investor in the re-launch of MySpace, so you can probably expect him to take a little time off from acting, but what about those still waiting for him to release new music?

Justin has finally spoken out about when that time may actually come.

As part of MySpace’s re-launch as a platform perfect for musicians, you’d think it’s successful musician investor would want to put out some new music to make the launch even bigger, right?

Timberlake recently was asked by reporters why he has quit music, and he revealed,


“You’re the ones who stopped talking about me as a musician. You guys act like I said I’ve retired. I can tell you this: When I’m ready to say something, you always know that I’ll say it in the biggest way possible. [My music] really comes from the heart. Making movies and making music, they have a lot of similarities, but I can tell you that, and while they both come from honest places, music for me is the thing that comes most naturally to me, and for me, I just don’t take it for granted… [My music] comes from a pure place. If anything, I’m honoring it in the best way that I know how, but when it’s time, I’ll be ready. I’m not less inspired, I didn’t give up, but until I have something to say, I was taught to keep my mouth shut. That’s how my mother raised me.”

A boy should always listen to his mother!

But we bet Justin’s mom is dying for a new album as well!

What the flying dinosaur does that mean?!


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