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Lordy Lordy Look Who’s Forty!

Matthew McConaughey is celebrating the big 4-0 today! Luckily for him, he’s still in the best of shape because he’s got one young son and another on the way! Bet some other 40-year-old celebs wish they were in his shoes bare feet. Happy birthday Matthew! Stay young.

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Happy Birthday Kelly Osbourne!

Happy Birthday to Kelly Osbourne!! Kelly turns 25 today, so everyone make sure to vote for her on Dancing With the Stars so she doesn’t get kicked off on her birthday. Next week…F*ck it! Happy birthday Kelly!

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Happy Birthday Kim Kardashian

Close the banks!  It should be a national holiday!   Kim Kardashian turns 29 today. Happy birthday Kim!!!

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Happy Birthday CZJ

Cathrine Zeta Jones turns the big 4-0 today, but you wouldn’t know by looking at her! Too bad everyone can’t be that lucky.  Lindsay Lohan looks like she’s 40 already, imagine when she actually turns 40!! CZJ isn’t the only one blowing out the candles today though, it’s a big day for celebs birthdays.   Melrose […]

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Happy Birthday Heidi Montag!

Nobody deserves to be shit on on their birthday, so for today and today only, we shall treat Heidi Montag like a pop princess. Happy birthday, queen of pop!

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Happy Birthday Dr. Phil

Old fart Dr. Phil McGraw turns 59 today!  Do people really still watch this show? He’s got a contract through 2013, which means you won’t be rid of the Phil any time soon, but I just find it hard to believe that people can sit through this snooze fest. Gimme Jerry Springer for daytime TV.

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Lordy Lordy, Chandlers 40

If any of you kids out there are celebrating an August 19th birthday, you ought to be moving out to Hollywood because today is apparently a good day to be born if you want to become a star. Usually there’s like one or two big names who celebrate on any given day, but Matthew Perry, […]

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Happy Birthday Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt is celebrating his 26th birthday today. Whether you love him or hate him.  Probably hate him.  You have to admit this kid is entertainment. He’s in a league of his own! His wife, Heidi Montag tweeted this morning; “my big bday present for @spencerpratt is my playboy issue that just came out today! […]

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Happy Birthday Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith turns 52 today! What, don’t know who Melanie Griffith is?   Look her up, it’s a boring Sunday anyways. 52 and still smoking can’t be too favorable on the old lungs though!  Might want to cut that shit out, Mel.

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Happy Birthday, Little J

Taylor Momsen, best known as Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, turns sweet 16 today! Little J has a record deal with Interscope with her band, The Pretty Reckless. She also has a modeling contract with IMG, and a lead role on a hot show. I can buy cigarettes and beer legally. We’re even, right? Love […]

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