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STARZLIFE PICS: Melanie Griffith Drives a Bentley, Just Like Juelz Santana

If you’re a famous movie star, isn’t a flossing a Bentley with a vanity license plate of you and your movie star husband’s initials just a tad too much? I understand why rappers do it. It’s to say to the world, “Look just how far from food stamps I am.” Melanie Griffith has been an […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Melanie Griffith; Here’s Bookin’ at You

We spotted Melanie Griffith out shopping for books in LA yesterday, and though she wasn’t the happiest camper when she spotted us, she flashed a smile and said hello. 2009 landed Melanie a stint in rehab, so hopefully in 2010 she gets it together.  Maybe that’s what the books are all about! Check out some […]

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Melanie Griffith Didn’t Get ‘Snookied”

Melanie Griffith has apparently gotten  black eyed by the media. After numerous rumors started spreading after a photo of her sporting a black eye surfaced on the internet, her rep had to come to her rescue and explain the situation. Apparently Melanie’s black eye is the result of a procedure she had to have done […]

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Melanie’s Rehab: Skiing And Pain Meds

What led Melanie Griffith back to rehab? Hubby Antonio Banderas wasn’t afraid to reveal why the 52 year-old actress relapsed to Ellen Degeneres on an upcoming episode of her daytime talk show. Explains Antonio: “It was said actually in some magazine that I said that I gave an ultimatum to my wife. That I present […]

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Melanie Griffith Is Doing a Little Rehab Touch-Up

Melanie Griffith‘s rep has confirmed that the actress, 52, has checked into rehab again. But it’s not like when you go to rehab because you’re a drug addict – this is merely a routine stay devised by her doctors years ago, when she needed it for real. It’s sort of like when you get something […]

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Happy Birthday Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith turns 52 today! What, don’t know who Melanie Griffith is?   Look her up, it’s a boring Sunday anyways. 52 and still smoking can’t be too favorable on the old lungs though!  Might want to cut that shit out, Mel.

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Melanie Griffith Loses Land Battle

Bad news for Antonio Bandaras and Melanie Griffith. A land battle stemming since 2003 is ending the way they hoped it wouldn’t. The couple purchased the property in Spain and have been using it as their summer home since back in 1997, but the dispute over the property line is going to end in favor […]

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Lookout LA!

Melanie Griffith is on the loose!  Melanie debuted a brand new hair style (and face?) after a visit to the Neil George salon in Hollywood this week. Check out these StarzLife EXCLUSIVE! photos of Melanie below.

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Bad For Your Health!

Check out these StarzLife Exclusive photos of Melanie Griffith smoking a big ugly cigarette before going into an appointment in Beverly Hills. The thing was freshly lit when she got out of her car so she had to suck it down as fast as possible! Nothing like the quick fix eh Mel?

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Seeking Attention.

Melanie Griffith took her daughter, Dakota, out to a very public lunch yesterday at The Ivy in West Hollywood.  Dakota is a model and the daughter of Griffith’s second husband, Don “Sonny Crockett” Johnson from Miami Vice.  Check out the StarzLife Exclusive photos below.

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