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Car Accident Prone Amanda Bynes Heading to Court.

Amanda Bynes got in not one but two minor automobile accidents in the past couple years, and like any regular citizen who gets into a fender bender with a celebs does, she’s being sued for one of them. The accident took place at a busy Beverly Hills intersection, and involved three other cars including Bynes’. […]

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What Celebrity?

Amanda Bynes has reportedly broken things off with her latest squeeze, Doug Reinhardt. You remember Doug, the baseball player who landed on season 4 of The Hills dating Lauren Conrad, followed by a breif fling with Stephanie Pratt? Well Amanda’s friends are speaking out of the breakup, saying that She’s had enough, and ended things […]

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This is How NOT to Get Inivited to Award Shows.

It’s awards season, so there seems to be an award show like every other day during this time, but could Amanda Bynes award show ediquette be what keeps her from attending the biggies? According to PopTarts, Bynes attended the Critics Choice Awards last weekend in Santa Monica, California, and just didn’t seem to be interest […]

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Afraid of Marriage.

Amanda Bynes is destined to be single for the rest of her life, and by choice! Bynes said of the topic of marriage in a recent interview, “I feel trapped with the idea of marriage. How can you really be with somebody forever? I’d get bored.” Guys out there who meet her are either going […]

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Whatcha’ Hiding From?

Amanda Bynes got a little shy after a recent trip to a hair salon in Hollywood.  I guess one way to show off your new highlights is to cover your entire face with them, right? This kind of upsets me though!  I’m an Amanda Bynes fan, I paid $3.99 to rent Sydney White on PayPerView […]

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Amanda Bynes paid a visit to a Beverly Hills hair salon yesterday dressed in the most Miley Cyrus outfit she could come up with. She was accompanied by her b*tch, and a few bored photogaphers who probably thought they spotted Hannah Montana from a far but got there and said “what the heck.”

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