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EXCLUSIVE!!! Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart Get Some Alone Time

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart, sans Billie Beatrice, enjoyed a stroll together in Los Angeles this week. Though they must have newborn baby on the brain, because as a passer by with a stroller walked their way, they stopped to admire the young tot. Check out some more photos of the McSteamy’s below.

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Meet Billie Beatrice!

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart are debuting little Billie Beatrice on this weeks issue of Us Weekly. Such a cute little family! Check out more photos in the new issue of Us!

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EXCLUSIVE!! Eric Dane: Garbage Man

We spotted Eric Dane EXCLUSIVELY taking out the trash around his LA home this weekend. Eric and his wife Rebecca Gayheart have been home taking care of their brand new daughter, Billie Beatrice, the couples first child. We have no doubt that Eric has been making many many trips to this trash can, as nobody […]

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Rebecca Gayheart & Eric Dane: It’s a Girl!

Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane welcomed their first child yesterday in Los Angeles, a baby girl! No further details have been released regarding the child’s name yet, but we’ll keep you posted! Don’t expect anything too crazy though, in a recent interview promoting his new film Valentines Day,  Dane said they were pretty “straight down […]

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Eric Dane Happy to be Having a Girl

Rebecca Gayheart is due any day now, and dad-to-be Eric Dane is happy to be thinking pink! During the premiere of Dane’s new film, Valentines Day, which clogged up you’re favorite Uncle C’s walk home last night with all the star f*ckers on the sidewalk, Dane told People Magazine he’s thrilled that a girl is […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Eric Dane Washes Up, But Not Like in That Sextape With His Wife and That Porn Star

Hey, it’s Eric Dane again! Look what he’s up to now. Washing his car. Hope you didn’t let any change fall onto the floor because it’s about to be vacuumed up by that giant yellow hose. Or stolen. Starzlife was there.

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STARZLIFE PICS: Catching Up With Eric Dane

When we last saw Eric Dane, he was walking around with a female friend. Now he’s going to get coffee. His pants look like bell bottoms in some of these pictures. Let it go, Dane. The Stone Roses are not getting back together.

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Eric Dane May In Fact Be a Federal Boobies Inspector

McSextape himself, Eric Dane, was spotted wearing an FBI hat as he entered a house in Los Angeles without a warrant. Starzlife was there.

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Eric Dane & Pregnant Wife Rebecca Gayheart, Clothed & Seemingly Sober

Rebecca Gayheart and husband (Grey’s Anatomy‘s “Dr. McSteamy”) Eric Dane, prove that the jacuzzi impotency rumors ain’t true, as the pregnant couple were caught out in LA. She was actually looking quite conservative, if we didn’t know about Rebecca’s killing of a teenager crossing the street, and her sexy drug-induced jacuzzi romp, we’d think she […]

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STARZLIFE PICS: Rebecca Gayheart, Clothed

Rebecca Gayheart and her hubby, sex(less) tape co-star Eric Dane, just filed a lawsuit for a cool mil against Gawker Media for distributing their sex(less) tape online. Don’t these sex(less) tape stars realize they’re only drawing more attention to the sex(less) tapes they themselves made in the first place? 

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