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Are the Threats Against Bristol Palin Staged?

Reports of  threats against Bristol Palin delivered to the DWTS offices have flooded the media. Is this a sad attempt to garner sympathy and hush Palin’s critics?  The threats are said to be under investigation by the FBI and LAPD, no one seems to have any information but no one seems to have any information […]

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Blog of The Day!

This blogger makes a compelling point. Whereas Kelly Osbourne credits DWTS for jump starting her tremendous weight loss, Bristol Palin has made it as far as Kelly without shedding a pound. Could their be something else at play? We thought Palin’s partner Mark Ballas was the one that was dancing for two.

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WTF Bristol Palin in DWTS Final!?

Well, it looks like Bristol Palin stumbled her way into the finals of DWTS beating out Brandy and others who could actually dance. We aren’t sure who to distrust at this point, the producers or America. She has not turned in one decent dance! Is America grading on a curve? or are the show’s producers […]

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Bristol Palin DIDN’T VOTE!!!

Bristol Palin, you know the one competing for votes on Dancing With the Stars, should know more than anyone how important voting is. The whole reason she is still on DWTS is because people voted for her, despite her horrible dancing, the same people who voted for her  mother Sarah, despite her being horribly unqualified, […]

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