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Did You Ever Draw This “S” Thing? Join the Club

As of this posting, a Facebook page dedicated solely to “that ‘S’ thing we all drew in elementary school” has 1,112,532 fans. It got there in ELEVEN DAYS. The page for “I bet we can find 1,000,000 people who support same-sex marriage” has 1,079,699 fans. They were right, but they should have called it “I […]

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Whatchu Talkin’ Bout, Willis?

Bruce Willis’ opinion on Facebook: “It’s frightening, I think it’s like the fall of Rome. Three years from now, after all the bees are dead…” Seriously, what’s with celebrities’ fear of Facebook? Do they not know it’s just a website? Source: Mirror

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Justin Timberlake to Star in A Movie About Facebook, Plays Tranny Hooker

Aaron Sorkin (the guy behind the show West Wing) is making a movie based on the founding of Facebook. Apparently as he was developing the website, founder Mark Zuckerberg killed a hooker and made her pimp VP of the company to keep him quiet. Oh wait, no. That didn’t happen. Nothing exciting happened. Mark Zuckerberg […]

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Quote of the Day!

“I’d rather have a rectal examination on live TV by a fellow with cold hands than have a Facebook page.”- George Clooney Does Cloons know what a Facebook page is? You connect with friends, post pictures, publicize your witty thoughts on your mundane day… it’s really not quite as miserable as he may believe it […]

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Facebook to Sell Britney Gifts, Break Out Your Visa Card!

You know how on Facebook (because ‘fess up, I know you are on Facebook) you can use your credit card and buy virtual gifts for a dollar and your friend receives a .gif that says “Happy Birthday!’ or something equally stupid? Now, Britney Spears is banking on people who don’t appreciate the value of a […]

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