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Which One of These Things Doesn’t Belong

We’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with Bustin Jieber. Little Biebs posted this photo to his Twitter page this weekend with the caption; “Look it’s my girlfriend @KimKardashian.” Kim Re-Tweeted the message saying; “I have Bieber Fever.” Surely she was just being nice… Someone needs to find a cure for the Bieber fever!    Like […]

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Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston Team Up For ‘Eenie Meenie’

Justin Bieber must be on a mission to team up with rap stars of all shapes and sizes in his career. He already had a hit song with Ludacris, and now he’s teaming up with Sean Kingston. Their song is titled ‘eenie meenie’ and the first look at the video has just been posted online. […]

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Justin Bieber Glad He Didn’t Go the Disney Route

Even though Justin Bieber may never be on the same level as Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers success wise, the singer has recently admitted he’s glad he didn’t go the “corny” Disney route. Beibs tells MTV.com; “I like hop-hop a lot. I’m really glad they’ve taken a liking to me. Having Luda (Ludacris) and […]

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Bieber or Die!

You heard the boy. Anything that’s not Bieber dies! Justin Bieber has taken over FunnyOrDie (in honor of April fools day) The main page has become 100% Justin, with a bunch of new featured videos where Justin re-enacts some of the greats. Have to hand it to the kid, this one was pretty funny! “Now […]

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