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Tweet of the Day

“Knew someone who caught Bieber Fever. Only decent thing to do was put him down.” -Spencer Pratt Love him or hate him, this guy is hilarious!

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Shaq Serenades Justin Bieber

Shaquille O’neal is a goof, and it’s awesome! Shaq has been hyping up the new season of Shaq Vs., in which he will be taking on Justin Bieber in a dance off, and he showed up at a Bieber concert last week with a surprise for Biebs during the sound check. Shaq serenaded the young […]

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Shaq Vs. Justin Bieber

Not many dare to take on Beibs these days, but Shaquille O’neal does! Shaq vs. Justin Bieber will be filmed as part of an upcoming episode of his hit television series, Shaq Vs. Shaq will be seeing if he can handle Bieber fever by spending the day with Justin and having a dance off with […]

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Justin Bieber Tears Up For Crowd

Give us a break, Chris Brown Justin Bieber! Beibs broke down to tears during a recent performance in Cincinnati, Ohio while singing his song, Down to Earth.   Did he borrown Chris Brown’s eyedrops? The sixteen year old mega star should have nothing to break down to tears over. Though maybe it’s because little girls all […]

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Mama Bieber to Grace the Pages of Playboy?

Finally, men around the world will be able to scream BIEBER FEVER from the rooftops with out feeling a little bit… you know. If the rumors hold true, Justin Bieber’s mama, Pattie Lynn Mallette may be gracing the pages of Playboy magazine. According to ZackTaylor.Ca , Mallette was offered $50,000 to go topless for the […]

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Heidi Montag Has Bieber Fever

It’s going to be at least six months before Heidi Montag can divorce Spencer Pratt, but that doesn’t mean she cant plan for the future. Heidi is on the hunt for some fresh meat, and were talking Justin Bieber fresh. Heidi tweeted Beibs today: “@justinbieber now that I am getting divorced I think you and […]

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Andy Milonakis Doesn’t Have ‘Bieber Fever’

Whether you love Justin Bieber or hate him, you’ll have to find this new Bieber diss freestyle by Andy Milonakis hilarious! C’mon, you know you were thinkin’ it anyways…

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Hilarious Justin Bieber Spoof

Here’s one of the funniest Justin Bieber spoofs I’ve ever seen! Check it out! BABY! – watch more funny videos

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Justin Beiber’s Subtle Hints in Kim Kardashian Tweet…

So Justin Bieber’s psycho fanbase went crazy when he called Kim Kardashian his girlfriend on Twitter and sent her  death threats! Kim laughed at the fact that ten year old girls were threatening her, and tweeted it to Justin, who called off the dogs. What everyone has failed to notice in Justin’s tweet, was the […]

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Justin Bieber Doesn’t Know What the Word ‘German’ Means…

Justin Bieber has become an international superstar, so I find it VERY hard to believe that he’s this big of a dimwit,  even without proper schooling! During an interview with a New Zealand TV host, Beibs was asked  if his name, Bieber, was German for the word ‘Basketball.’ Justin did not understand what the host […]

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