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Andy Milonakis Doesn’t Have ‘Bieber Fever’

Whether you love Justin Bieber or hate him, you’ll have to find this new Bieber diss freestyle by Andy Milonakis hilarious! C’mon, you know you were thinkin’ it anyways…

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This Andy Milonakis Song About Raping and Murdering Natalie Portman is Awesome

Andy Milonakis is joking, but he’s not a joke. He’s actually become a good rapper, and the tracks he goes over are pretty tight, too. The following track, titled “Natalie Portman Diss Rap(e)” features the couplet “Garden State was OK but it wasn’t my bag / Did you have fun kissing that Zach Braff fag?” […]

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Nasty/Milonakis Take a Jab at Ed Hardy

There’s always someone who has the guts to say what everyone else is thinking! Dirt Nasty and Andy Milonakis have just did us all a favor. In a new track posted to YouTube, the pair, along with pal Rich Hil bring us “F*ck Ed Hardy” a song calling out designer and Michael Jackson Jon Gosselin […]

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