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Kanye Tones it Down in New Blog.

What has gotten into Kanye West.  He posted a new blog and forgot to do it in all CAPS.  That right there is some Benjamin Buttons shit!!! Here’s what ‘Ye had to say about his relationship and all the crap you people are giving him for it; Hey I’m down here in Hawaii in the […]

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Kanye Back on the Blog.

Capital Kanye West wrote some Benjamin Button’s shit on his blog today, about his recent trip to Paris.   It never ends, or fails! THIS IS MY LAST DAY IN PARIS AND IT’S BEEN CRAZY. I’VE MET SO MANY DOPE PEOPLE. I FEEL SO INSPIRED BY THE TRIP… I’VE BEEN THINKING OF RAPS, BEATS, CLOTHES, VIDEOS […]

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Kanye Sets Things STRAIGHT!

Kanye West is the victim again!  Yesterday he was quoted saying he’d be up to do some bisexual porn flicks, but apparently we have all been dooped by a Kanye impersonator. Capitol West blogs; YOOOO WHY WON’T YOU LET ME BE GREAT!!! I HAD THE TWO GREATEST DAYS OF MY LIFE AND WHEN I GET […]

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Capital Kanye Shops and Blogs.

Kanye West Sets must spend alot of his day searching his name on google blog search because every time someone says something about him that isn’t true he fires back with some capital punishment! Kanye’s latest post went a little somethin like this, OK NOW THIS IS JUST STUPID! DUDE, DID YOU READ MY BOOK?? […]

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Circle of Blogs: Kanye Edition.

So Kanye West was reading Perez Hilton this morning and posted his reaction to the Britney Spears photos from the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Kanye had this to say about the photos; YO THIS IS REALLY GOOD! TO BE ABLE TO COME BACK AGAINST ALL ODDS! I’M REALLY PROUD OF HER AND WISH HER […]

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Kanye Back to Ranting on His Blog, Whether He Admits It Or Not.

Kanye West took to his blog to rant off rumors that were poste on the internet about him this week. While he avoided making mention of his UK arrest for assaulting another photographer, he wanted to clear up some quotes that he claim were twisted on one internet blog. He claim’s it’s not a rant […]

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Kanye West cool with the paparazzi!

According to his official blog that is!   Kanye West writes, “We back in the lab!!! I’m cool with the paparazzi. This guy wasn’t cool. I gotta work now… I’ll rant later! 09.12.2008 It’s all good Kanye.  We still love you!  Those paps can be real pests sometimes. . .just take your time in “the lab” […]

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Kanye West may have lost it.  Sick of all the negativity surrounding the hot mess that was his Bonnaroo performance, Ye posted an ALL CAPS rant on his official blog, complete with name calling, expletives, and horrible grammar.

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