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Lauren Conrad Keeping It Civil

Have you ever known Lauren Conrad to have a strong or interesting opinion on anything? Didn’t thinks so. So, we’re not sure if the bland blonde’s refusal to weigh in on Audrina’s Mom’s drunken angry rant claiming her daughter was better than the other Hills girls and specifically calling Conrad a “bitch”, is Conrad trying […]

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Lauren Conrad Talks Fashion in Teen Vogue

Remember when Lauren Conrad used to work for Teen Vogue?  Now she’s a regular cover- girl! Movin’ on up!! In the latest issue, Lauren talks about surviving in the fashion world, telling the mag: “My best tip for surviving the fashion industry is get a thick skin – and get it quickly!” She’s not afraid […]

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Lauren Conrad Style Expert??? Look Again

Lauren Conrad recently released a book on style called “Style” that includes Conrad’s tips. We’re not sure how one failed clothing line, a line for Kohl’s and the mediocre ability to even dress herself (as seen here) makes her an expert on style. Close your eyes for a second and see if you can remember […]

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Lauren Conrad Coming Back to MTV

MTV has got their golden goose back. Lauren Conrad confirmed this morning in an interview with Ryan Seacrest that she will be shooting a new reality show for the network, that will likely go into production this October. As for the details, she claims only that the show will be “something very different.” The only […]

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Lauren Conrad Making Bank on Twitter Ads?

LC fans might have got a little bit extra excited and thinking they had something in common this morning when she tweeted about Glee, but turns out she may not even watch the show at all. Anyone else have Glee songs from last night stuck in their head? Also loved seeing @frankenteen dance 😉 http://bit.ly/95xYbh […]

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Networks ‘Fighting’ Over Lauren Conrad?

Once The Hills ended, it’s surviving cast members, including Heidi Montag and especially Spencer Pratt were on the hunt for their own new reality shows. Who would have thought that the one that all the networks would be after would again be Lauren Conrad?!! The new issue of US Weekly claims a new LC show […]

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New Heidi Reminisces Old Heidi

Heidi Montag got a glimpse of the past last night. As she sit home divorced, with a brand new plastic existence, Heidi was remembering what once was.  She tweeted: “Watching old Hills I miss you @AudrinaPatridge and most of all @laurenconrad.” We have a strong feeling that the feeling is not mutual.   Though we’re sure […]

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But There’s Good News! Lauren and Whitney Returning For ‘Hills’ Finale… Kind Of

They have both said good bye to The Hills in one capacity, but their returns are happening! Both Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad will appear on the after show of The Hills series finale,  ‘Hills’ creator Adam Divello revealed to Ryan Seacrest this morning on his radio show. The after show has become a big […]

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LC’s Got Milk

Even though our minds practically live in the gutter these days, celebs just can’t get enough of these Got Milk? ads. Lauren Conrad is the latest. What do you think of her ‘milk moustache?’

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LC Will NOT Return to The Hills

Sorry to all those hillstorians who were hoping for a reunion of sorts at the end. Lauren Conrad will NOT be coming back. Even despite her original arch nemesis Kristin Cavallari’s attempts to get her back, and the implosion of Spencer and Heidi, Lauren insists it’s not even a possibility. She explains: “I have no […]

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