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Lohan Says Tanning Formula is Original!

So about that lawsuit over Lindsay Lohan and co. stealing the formula for Sevin Nyne tanning lotion from a Flordia based chemist… Lindsay says its not true! She tweets; “No formula was stolen for Sevin Nyne!  It’s a woman looking for a payday. That’s it!” Kinda like… a woman with no career or knowledge of […]

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Perez Hilton Hopes Some Good Comes of Lawsuit

As Perez Hilton has reflected upon his actions at last weekend’s Much Music Video Award after party all week long.  He’s hoping that something good will come of the mess. The blogger is suing Black Eyed Peas manager Palo Molina for battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress to the tune of $25,000.00 So was […]

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Hasselbeck Sued Over Copyrights

A moneyseeker woman by the name of Susan Hassett has filed a lawsuit against View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck claiming that she completely stole the idea for her new book from a copy of her own book she sent the host back in 2008. EH’s new book, The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide, hit the […]

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