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Hasselbeck Sued Over Copyrights

A moneyseeker woman by the name of Susan Hassett has filed a lawsuit against View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck claiming that she completely stole the idea for her new book from a copy of her own book she sent the host back in 2008. EH’s new book, The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide, hit the […]

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Back to Boring On The View.

I knew this day would come, the morning after the election on The View. The show should have just been called ‘The Argument’ for the past six months, because that’s all they’ve been doing, but today it was back to the normal woman to woman love fest. All eyes were on Elizabeth Hasselbeck when the […]

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Drama On The View…Big Surprise!

Apparently The View received some nasty e-mails after Elizabeth Hasselbeck wore a John McCain shirt that she designed for the campaign during yesterday’s program. While that’s not surprising, giving that alot of people in this country are a bunch of whiners who will complain about anything regardless of which way someone is leaning, it’s surprising […]

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Sticking Around.

Contrary to reports that Elizabeth Hasselbeck might be telling her liberal co-hosts to take their views and shove em’ up their you know whats before heading off to Fox News where she’d host her own show, Hasselbeck is now denying those reports. In a statement released, her agent says; While Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] has a great […]

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Catfight on The View.. Who Would Have Thought?

Things got a bit heated on The View this morning between  Elizabeth Hasselbeck and the rest of the cast. They were having their usual debate of Sarah Palin’s experience against Barack Obama’s experience, which shouldn’t even be a debate because Palin isn’t running for Prez, but that’s just the way it goes. Anyhow, ELizabeth was […]

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