Back to Boring On The View.

I knew this day would come, the morning after the election on The View. The show should have just been called ‘The Argument’ for the past six months, because that’s all they’ve been doing, but today it was back to the normal woman to woman love fest.

All eyes were on Elizabeth Hasselbeck when the show opened, and she said she would support President Obama and called his victory, “a victory for our country.”

Regardless of the fact she was lying through her teeth, and if you want to know how i know this, go read anything else I’ve written about President Obama, it just goes to show that The View is going to become a snooze fest again.

As for Sherri Sheppard’s water-works on the show, don’t sit too close to your computer screen because you are in the splash zone.

FYI: Hasselbeck’s shirt pictured above and other McCain merch is on clearance at his official store, but you never know when you’re gonna need to drag that Palin stuff back out.

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