Drama On The View…Big Surprise!

Apparently The View received some nasty e-mails after Elizabeth Hasselbeck wore a John McCain shirt that she designed for the campaign during yesterday’s program.

While that’s not surprising, giving that alot of people in this country are a bunch of whiners who will complain about anything regardless of which way someone is leaning, it’s surprising that Barbara Walters actually even brought this up today like it was an issue.

Hasselbeck admitted she wasn’t surprised saying, “yeah and they’re probably voting for Obama,” But it was Joy Behar that continued to give her a hard time as she does day after day.

Basically it was another day of bickering that is hard to understand as usual, but it’s what happened when the cameras shut off that is interesting.

According to reports from backstage:

After “The View” went off the air today, Joy and Elisabeth WENT AT IT backstage!!!!!
Joy jumped in Elisabeth’s face about a comment she made about Joy not being able to plug her appearances because her act is “political in nature.” This was in response to the controversy about the McCain t-shirt Elisabeth wore on the air on Tuesday.
Joy SCREAMED in Elisabeth’s face, “If you do that again I will burn you down.” Elisabeth turned beet red and started to stammer out something. And then Joy yelled, “Shut the fuck up” and stormed off.
Nobody backstage came to console Elisabeth who was left standing there.

Joy always seemed like the monster type to me.  But what the heck is this show going to do 12 days from now when there is a new President.  Surely they’ll have about a week of arguing whether it was the right choice or not, but after that what ever will they talk about.

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