Heidi Klum Tries to be Domestic.

Heidi Klum loves the fall season, and is notorious for throwing her yearly Halloween party, but this year she wanted to try to get a little bit more into the holiday spirit and bake some pumpkin pie.

Klum told Us Magazine at an event this week that it was her first time trying to bake the dessert, but she called up on her kids, Henry and Leni, to assist.

Though she claims it wasn’t as easy as she expected, saying;

“I didn’t have all the ingredients to make the crust, so we got all of the hard cookies out of the cabinet,” the Project Runway host explained. “Leni was hammering the cookies and then Henry got to the hammer the cookies. He made the crumbs. It was crazy, but honestly it was the tastiest one ever!”

I dont know which is more odd to me, the fact that Heidi Klum conveniently had a stash of old cookies in her cabinet or the fact that a person who never baked a pie knew you could make a substitute crust out of old stale cookies.

She went on to say that she saved some pie for her husband Seal who is gone at the moment, but he wouldn’t believe that she baked it anyways, because she never bakes.

As for what the queen of Halloween is planning to dress up as this year;I can’t say. It’s a surprise,” she told the mag. “I always have an outrageous outfit. I always try to top myself every year.”

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