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Justin Bieber Gets More New Ink

Justin Bieber has added a new piece of body art to his collection. The singer got an owl tatted on his forearm, and took to his Instagram page to share the artwork before it was revealed by the next paparazzi snapshot. Bieber told his more than 3.5 million followers on Sunday, “befo the paps get me.” […]

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Kat Von D Dating Deadmau5

Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D has confirmed her new relationship with electronic dance music DJ Deadmau5. The couple had been rumored to have been hooking up as of late, and the DJ posted a few photos of the couple confirming their romance. Deadmau5, real name Joel Thomas Zimmerman wrote with the photos;  “Yeah, im (in) […]

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Rihanna Gets Some New Ink In London

Celebrities all over seem to be getting new ink in recent weeks.  Gaga, Bieber, and now Rihanna. Rihanna was in London over the weekend where she performed at the closing ceremonies of the Paralympic games, where disabled athletes compete in numerous events similar to those in the Olympic games. Prior to taking the stage on […]

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Lady Gaga And Justin Bieber Reveal New Tats Online

Labor Day weekend was apparently a great weekend to get new ink.  Both Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber went under the needle for some new body art, and posted the photos to their websites. Gaga’s new ink, an anchor, was posted to her site, LittieMonsters.com with the message, “New Tat. Stamp of his Mermaid.” which […]

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Lady Gaga Reveals New Album Title

Lady Gaga’s upcoming album has no release date, but it does have a name! Gaga shared the album’s title by way of Twitter, showing off a new tattoo with the album title on her arm. The ink reads “ARTPOP” which is seen backwards in the mirror, with a caption that reads “new ink new album.” […]

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Miley Cyrus Gets Some New Ink

Miley Cyrus is gaining ground on her brother Trace in the tattoo count.  Not really, but Cyrus has reached number 15 in body ink with her latest tat. The newest tattoo, positioned on her left forearm contains a speech by President Theodore Roosevelt.   It reads, “So that his place shall never be with those […]

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Trace Cyrus Debuts Native American Scalp Ink

Twitter went crazy when Trace Cyrus debuted a photo of his new ink, which is situated nicely on the side of his scalp. Trace got the ink done during a recent trip to the tattoo parlor with his dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. Trace tweeted, “With my dad! He is getting his back tattooed! Gangster! Getting […]

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David Arquette Gets New Wonder Woman Ink

David Arquette showed up fashionably late to a taping of Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show on Thursday because his new tattoo took longer than expected to complete. Arquette shared the image with the host, a huge scene from a Wonder Woman comic that takes up much of his side due to the detail. Arquette also revealed […]

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Mark Wahlberg Takes Kids To Watch Tattoo Removal

Mark Wahlberg is hoping that his children don’t grown up to get tattoos, so he took them to the doctors to watch his tattoo removal procedure. Wahlberg had six or seven tats removed prior to filming ‘The Fighter’ in 2010, because he didn’t want to have to sit in the makeup chair each day and […]

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Rihanna Pays Honor To Tupac With “Thug Life” Tattoo

Rihanna has inked herself at a Hollywood tattoo parlor in honor of Tupac Shakur. The Bajan beauty is back in the US after a revealing Hawaiian vacation, and gotten “Thug Life” tatted across her knuckles in honor of the late Shakur. Rihanna uploaded these photos to her Twitter feed, one of the tat, done in […]

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