Post-Partum Delusion…?

Christina Aguilera: Still overconfident and desperate for some good, old fashioned genie rubbin’ !!6076-ca27.jpgWhy else would she want to show off the ugly-ass road maps that have invaded her ginormously stretched, disproportionate mammaries?6073-ca291.jpgDang, girl!  That’s some serious blood flow you’ve got goin’ on in those post-partum bags!!  Why would I suggest Xtina actually wants to do some exposin’? Well, because…27146_celebrity_city_christina_aguilera_1_122_994lo1.jpgEither her fancy vehicle is harsher than the elements, or Xtina suddenly felt inspired by our adorable camera boys!  Ooh!  Pappies!27301_celebrity_city_christina_aguilera_12_122_124lo1.jpg…Why, hello there, boys!  Y’all wanna “come on over” and take a whiff of my freshly highlighted mommy jugs?

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