Just take a look at that sweet face!

What kind of sick, perverted freak would ever think of even touching this tender child?!jgarner.JPGDont worry, Jen, “that man” will never come near you again!  Looks like Gary Busey took a shot of E before hitting the red carpet yesterday, at the 80th Annual Academy Awards!  Either that, or he still hasn’t found a way to distance himself from the Gary Busey crazy, needy, actor/sculptor guest-role character he played a few times in HBO’s Entourage a few years back.

Yep, Gary Busey made a real spectacle of himself, right in front of every single camera present at the 2008 pre-Oscar’s red carpet event!  Busey was only missing a couple o’ light sticks, as he stumbled, “rave-style”, into the crowd of petrified A-listers; savagely panting and looking very much like a demented version of the Jolly Green Giant!  Busey immediately started offerin’ some good ol’ free lovin’ to a group of terrified celebrities, all of whom were dressed in thousands of dollars of borrowed designer jewels and threads.

Funny as this may have been, however, I must say that by far the most memorable moment of of this fiasco was most definitely getting to see Jennifer Garner’s stunned face after Busey planted a big wet one, right on her fair, flawless neck!   The nerve!

With loud, enthusiastic, gleeful yelps, Busey remarked from a mile away on how much he had always wanted to meet E!’s Ryan Seacrest.  Then he managed to make his way over and interrupt a live interview between Seacrest, Laura Linney, and, Jennifer Garner.  Immediately thereafter, Busey seemed to get somewhat scared and confused by all the lights, and, as most mentally retarded people tend to do when faced with stressful situations, Busey immediately searched for comfort, proceeding to do that which made Jen Garner freeze in her tracks,  shocked all of America, and most of the internet blogosphere.  A Kiss.

Oh, Puh~lease!  Aren’t actors supposed to be prepared for the unexpected and have a sense of humor?  Random and creepy as it was, Busey’s spontaneity was heartwarming.  Instead of butting in to speak politics, Busey decided to help these stiff promsters let loose!  Granted, its possible Busey took a little aid before leaving the psych ward house; but all things considered, that’s hardly an advantage, considering the fact that the rest of the players in this story actually have a life!

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