Win a date with Scarlett Johansson!

One lucky guy will have the date of his life, and all to benefit a good cause!


In order to benefit some of her favorite charities, Scarlett Johansson is pulling a “Shakira” and auctioning herself off on Ebay!  The highest bidder will not only enjoy Miss Johansson’s company for a one-on-one evening date, he (or maybe “she”?) will also enjoy a fun (possibly awkward) limousine ride with the gorgeous starlet, as well as a chance to attend the premier of her new movie, He’s just not that into you!  And _ get this_ the winner will also receive a a paper note written by Miss Scarlet Johansson herselfO-M-G!

How adorable!  It’s just like in the old days, when people would happily frame those ridiculously generic “handwritten”/signed notes from their favorite movie stars (or their assistants, at least)!!

Way to go, Scarlett!!

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