Kim Kardashian: It’s all mine, y’all!

Kim Kardashian insists her booty ain’t fake!

kk.JPGSomeone finally asked to her face (sort of)!!

Kim Kardashian claims to have the best tush in Hollywood. Yesterday in TRL the voluptuous movie TV star said her butt is better than JLO’s and that the tabloid rumor which upsets her the most is that of that of the “fake butt” allegations… Kim says her ginormous booty is all real, and all hers, as part of her Armenian heritage… All I know is that there are pictures of Kim Kardashian looking like a disproportionate cartoon character, and then there are those pictures of her looking more or less like JLO… Photo-shopped or self-enhanced?

In any case, I can understand why Kim Kardashian would be upset with these rumors. I mean, natural or not, I’m sure that heavy trunk costs a bundle to maintain. Her ass must be a total load _ and a ton of dimples, just waiting to happen!

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