City National Bank STEALS money from Children?!

030608_sl_love20.jpgWhen we heard about these allegations we had to find out for ourselves. had an exclusive interview with America’s Sweetheart, Courtney Love and here’s what we planned on asking. . .and you can see for yourself how the amazing single mom responded.

How did it go with the police? Are they getting the 70 million that was embezzled from your daughter Frances Bean? Is it more then 70 Million? Our sources put it at more then $200 million with all of the Nirvania Merchandise sold. Is it true that you had over sixty accounts with CityNational Bank? Is it true that you lived in a small one bedroom apartment with your daughter while City National held your money hostage as you struggled for money as a single mother? contacted City National Bank and although they returned our call they said that they had no comment at this timeregarding the matter.

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