Just Married!

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s super secret wedding took place this weekend and the details are pouring in.

The event took place at Joe $impson’s Encino California home and three large white (air conditioned, it was 100 degrees!) tents were set up in the back yard in order to keep the artists out. The rush to the altar is supposedly due to the fact that Ash is pregnant with Pete’s kid.

It was a small wedding of about 125 to 150 close friends and was relatively free of big named stars besides guests Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.

The wedding featured an Alice in Wonderland theme and guests inside say it was truly beautiful. The appetizer platters, along with the backs of the chairs were decorated like playing cards, there were trees and vines hung throughout and guest were given personalized Alice in Wonderland themed snack boxes at their table.

Joe $impson performed the ceremony himself (and probably charged his daughter for the service) which reportedly featured a lot of tears from the Simpsons.

Cocktail hour and a reception were then held in the second and third tents where maid of honor Jessica Simpson gave a speech about how Ashlee and Pete “taught her to love again.”

Jess was joined by maybe/maybe not boyfriend Tony Romo for the wedding, but he was absent from the trip to Cabo that Jessica and her parents left for this Sunday.

Pete’s groomsmen were his Fall Out Boy band-mates and his dog Hemmingway acted as the ring bearer.

Reportedly Joe $impson is being paid over 1 million dollars for the exclusives of his daughters wedding by People Magazine.  I wonder how much Ashlee and Pete will actually see.

Hopefully this goes better for Ash than it did for her sister Jessica when she married a fellow musician.  Here’s a tip:  AVOID REALITY TV! 

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