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Ashlee Simpson Splits With Her Split Ends

Ashlee Simpson’s hair color is like Jessica Simpson’s dress size, constantly changing. It’s no surprise then that the previously long locked brunette did a hair 180, chopping it all off and bleaching it out this weekend. It looks a little like she might of been influenced by two year old Bronx’s hair. What’s most important […]

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Getting Into Character.

We spotted Ashlee Simpson out and about in Beverly Hills enjoying a nice sunny California day. Ash looks great with her new freshly dyed red hair but the same can’t be said for that hideous tattoo!! Ashlee will star in the new CW remake of Melrose Place, so get used to seeing this face walking […]

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Marriage Okay According to Ashlee.

According to a spokesperson for Ashlee Simpson and husband Pete Wentz’s statement to Page Six; “Everything is fine in their world.” That is in the contrary to reports that surfaced earlier this week stating that the pair were having marriage difficulties due to Pete’s constant partying while Ashlee stayed home with their baby, Bronx. Dont […]

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Simpson-Wentz Returning to Prime Time.

Ashlee Simpson launched her career when she landed the role of Cecelia on teen church drama Seventh Heaven for a couple of seasons  when she was a teenager, not it seems like she might be planning her return to the small screen. Ashlee has reportedly been offered the role of Violet on the CW’s new […]

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Ashlee Simpson: Bronx is NOT Broken!

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz canceled on a spa appearance this past week, and rumors began to swirl that it was because something was wrong with her baby, Bronx. One of the biggest rumors, was that Ashlee was home nursing Bronx, who had a broken arm. Well turns out thats not the case, and Bronx’s bones are fine […]

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Ashlee Defends Jessica’s Big Ass.

By now you’ve all seen the pictures floating around from Jessica Simpson’s latest performance at some Texas chili cook-off  where she looks like she may have gained a couple in the mid section. In her defense, the photos are taken from an upward angle which does tend to make you look bigger than straight on […]

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Behind the Scenes With Pete & Ashlee on New Years Eve!

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson hosted Pure at Caesars Palace this New Years Eve and here’s an Exclusive!! look behind the scenes. P&A partied it up in a VIP booth for most of the night, aside from when Pete led the crowd below through an acapella version of Wonderwall, but the two seemed to be […]

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Wentz Gets the Shaft, Has to Spend X-mas in Texas.

If I had to make a guess on how this all played out, it would be that Pete Wentz threw down ‘rock’ expecting that Ashlee Simpson would be throwing out ‘scissors’ with the reasoning that all girls love scissors because they love hair and the two are associated with eachother somewhat. But Ashlee was thinking […]

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Ashlee Not Concerned With Baby Weight.

Ashlee Simpson is just three weeks removed from having her first child, Bronx Mowgli Wentz, and she got to spend her first night on the town. Alot of celebs will stay in with their baby until they drop some of the baby weight before heading back out into the spotlight, but that’s not something Simpson […]

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Someone on the design team at OK! Magazine failed to notice the misspelling of ASHLEE Simpson on this weeks cover.

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