Starzlife Photos from “Nuts for Mutts 2008”

main-2.jpgNuts for Mutts 2008 took place June 1st 2008 at Pierce College in Woodland Hills. Starzlife has photos from the event after this. Nuts for Mutts 2008 was presented by New Leash On Life, a non-profit animal rescue organization dedicated to humane education, rescuing and placing homeless pets, and providing therapy dogs for people in need. For more information visit the New Leash On Life website at www.newleash.orgBe sure to check out the video’s from the event on the Starzlife video page also!main-1.jpgmain-13.jpgmain-3.jpgmain-8.jpgmain-4.jpgmain-10.jpgmain-6.jpgmain-14.jpgmain-7.jpgmain-9.jpgmain-11.jpgmain-12.jpgmain-5.jpgmain-15.jpgmain-16.jpgmain-17.jpgmain-18.jpgmain-19.jpgmain-20.jpgmain-21.jpgmain-22.jpgmain-23.jpgmain-24.jpg

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