Anyone for a Bromance?

MTV is announcing another BFF show before Paris Hilton’s has even finished shooting.MTV’s second friend seeker is none other than Brody Jenner.  Brody, who  had a falling out with  his best friend Spencer on the Hills, (although  the two apparently are  trying to kiss and make up)  is  going to be searching for  a new friend on the music network.

Executive Producer of the show, Ryan Seacrest, said on his show this morning, that “every guy has relationships with girls come and go, but it’s your bromances that are forever.”  Brody will be having dudes (most likely d-bags) compete to be in his entourage.  Casting will begin shortly.

Just what we need, another famous for nothing person running around with a bunch of people who are only famous for their families. 

Paris’ search for a new BFF is now filming and will most likely be airing in the fall.

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