Is Money More Powerful Than Tradition?

Wheaties is “The Breakfast of Champions,” so why is the greatest Olympic champion of all time being printed on another cereal?  It has to be money!

Since the 1930s, Wheaties has been putting champion athletes on cereal boxes and is the brand behind the saying “they must have ate their Wheaties.”

If I would have heard an Olympic announcer during one of Michael Phelps 8 gold medal swims say, “Wow this boy must have ate his corn flakes today,” I would have laughed.

Michael has teamed up with Corn and Fosted flakes to be their new face.  Tony the tiger and that stupid rooster must have been booked this week.

It’s likely that Kelloggs just had some more benjis to throw in Phelps’ direction, and it doesn’t stop there for the man who rules the pool.

AT&T, Speedo, Omega, Visa, and Powerbar are among the others contributing to what some are saying could be the upwards of 100 million dollars in endorsements.

Life is real good if your name is Michael Phelps.

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