Zac Efron: Above the Rules.

Most gas stations post signs asking patrons to not leave pumps unattended, and to refrain from chatting on cell phones while pumping, but when your Zac Efron, rules do not apply! Check out more StarzLife EXCLUSIVE! photos of Zac Efron pumping gas in West Hollywood this past weekend.

Zac, who just wrapped up filming Disney’s High School Musical 3 which will hit theaters in October, has repeatedly said that this will be the last installment for him and his cast mates, but you know Disney wont go away without a fight.

Disney, is said to be already writing a 4th installment of the movie, but according to some, if they want Efron, it’s going to cost them $10 million. His on/off screen girlfriend will probably follow through with the same demands as well. Both of them reportedly made $3 million each to do the third movie.

Disney would be a fool to pay, plus these kids will be too old for the film (and graduated.) So it’s more likely to be a new crop of kids which would sink the franchise faster than the Titanic.

Check out these StarzLife EXCLUSIVE!! photos below.

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