An Unbalanced View of Both Sides.

OK! Magazine has designated it’s first ever double cover issue to features on both sides of this years Presidential election. On one side, a cover featuring Barack Obama, and on the other, a cover featuring Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin. Whether or not OK! was fair to both sides is another story…

Naturally, as did UsMagazine, People, and The National Inquirer, OK! wanted to put Sarah Palin on their cover this week. She is all anyone’s been talking about this week with the news breaking of her 17 year old daughters pregnancy.

It’s hardly a scandal, and likely would have no effect on the way the woman did her job if McCain is elected, but this is a society who would discuss a Britney Spears trip to the gas station at dinner before any important topic of conversation.

On the other side of the mag, they are reporting about Barack Obama’s wonderful family life. His perfect wife Michelle, his perfect kids (who are too young to make any of their own irresponsible decisions) and his perfect story.

A bit obvious dont you think?  If a magazine is going to play favorites, they should just do it, and not try to pull a fast one on us.

Palin gets her time to shine tonight when she addresses the nation from the RNC.  Since she was picked, she has not really given a public address.

Should they have ran the positive/negative double cover?

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