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First Trailer For HBO’s ‘Game Change’

The first trailer for HBO’s ‘Game Change’ has been released, and Julianne Moore’s portrayal of Sarah Palin, though it seems a little devious, seems flawless. The film is told through the eyes of John McCain election strategist Steve Schmidt who is played by Woody Harrelson, and will follow the campaign trail of the 2008 presidential […]

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Will Smith Captain America

Was It Really That Cool to Watch?

I know it had mega historic value, but was watching Barack Obama become the next President of the United States worth staying sober for? According to Will Smith, yes it was! The fresh prince recently revealed to USA Today, “I wanted to be totally sober. I wanted to see and feel and remember everything. The […]

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California, Vote YES on PROP 2!

On November 4th, Californians NEED TO vote YES! on Prop 2!  Prop 2 is an extremely modest measure that stops cruel and inhumane treatment of animals.  Prop 2 will end the practice of cramming farm animals into cages so small the animals can’t even turn around, lie down or extend their limbs.  Prop 2 prevents […]

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Are you registered to vote?

No matter what, it is so important that you make your voice heard this election!  There are so many important issues and propositions that deserve your attention!  It isn’t too late to register!  In order to be eligible to vote on November 4th, 2008 your registration must be postmarked no later than October 20th.  It […]

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Barack Parties With His Hollywood Friends; McCain Hangs With the Nobodies.

Barack Obama partied with some of his celebs friends in Hollywood last night at a fund raiser hosted by Dreamworks’ Steven Speilberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg. The event, which featured a hefty $28,500 a person ticket price at Los Angeles’ Beverly Wilshire Hotel, followed by a later event featuring Streisand at $2,500 a ticket, was to […]

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An Unbalanced View of Both Sides.

OK! Magazine has designated it’s first ever double cover issue to features on both sides of this years Presidential election. On one side, a cover featuring Barack Obama, and on the other, a cover featuring Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin. Whether or not OK! was fair to both sides is another story…

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What the Hell is John McCain thinking?

Sweet Baby Jesus!  What the “h e double hockey sticks” is John McCain thinking choosing Alaskan governor Sarah Palin as his running mate?  WTF?  The announcement was made at a rally of 15,000!  That’s 6000 more then Palin is used to governing!!!  Ohhh now I get it!  He almost got me!!!!!!  That John McCain is […]

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“I am here first to support Barack Obama!” I just can’t help it! I am so in love with Bill Clinton! I missed the live speech, I was too busy catching up on Perez, but I was so inspired and energized by Bill Clinton’s speech tonight at the Democratic Convention in Denver. I am gonna […]

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