More Censorship, Almost As Ridiculous.

In Eva Mendez’s latest campaign for Calvin Klein fragrance, Secret Obsession, she has a little slip while rolling around on the bed sheets which gives the audience a quick peek of the stars nipple. I’d call it a wardrobe malfunction, but there was no wardrobe to begin with. The nature of the ad has led to a ban of showing it here in the US , but it will be ran abroad.

A spokesperson for Calvin Klein has said the following statement regarding the ad;

We believe the commercial is exceptional and hits the mark for Secret Obsession,” ” It’s not entirely a surprise for the U.S. market.

On the radio with Ryan Seacrest this morning, Eva said “it is crazy to ban the ad, when there are so much guns and violence on television today, but you can’t show a womans nipple.”

Check out the ad below. The peek-a-boo is at 18 seconds.

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