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More Censorship, Almost As Ridiculous.

In Eva Mendez’s latest campaign for Calvin Klein fragrance, Secret Obsession, she has a little slip while rolling around on the bed sheets which gives the audience a quick peek of the stars nipple. I’d call it a wardrobe malfunction, but there was no wardrobe to begin with. The nature of the ad has led […]

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Eva is out of rehab!

Eva Mendez is back in Los Angeles after “fighting her demons” for a few weeks at celebs hotspot Cirque Lodge. I mean, who wouldn’t want to deal with their demons at a place where up get to sleep in 1,000 thread count sheets, have awesome food and be catered to by top “counselors?” I know I […]

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Eva Back to Rehab!

Page Six is reporting that Eva will be returning to rehab! Apparently she got some sort of “leave” to attend personal matters: While the reports that Eva Mendes had left rehab yesterday are true, they are missing the most crucial part of t he story. “Eva is attending to some personal business in Los Angeles […]

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Drunkst is keeping up with the Joneses

Well, at least she decided to go to rehab, as opposed to getting arbitrarily knocked up or carted away in an ambulance!

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Eva’s Out!

Life and Style Weekly is reporting that the 33 year old bombshell left Cirque Lodge Rehab yesterday afternoon, and boarded a flight to L.A. at 9 p.m. Thank you, Eva Mendez. Thank you!  Not only for being so hot, but for bringing some spicy new flavor to our Brit watching days!!

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