Aunt Paris Wont Touch Harlow’s Dirty Diapers.

Paris Hilton stopped by the Tyra Banks show which will air on October 13, and they discussed the finer things in life, like dirty diapers, and taking baths.

First topic of discussion was Nicole Richie’s baby Harlow, which Paris may one day be an actual aunt to, not just a bff aunt.

Paris claimed she’d never changed Harlow’s diaper, saying “Nicole is, like, the best mother. She’s so hands on, so she does that, I’ve never changed anyone’s diapers.”

Paris ought to start practicing with all of her baby blabber she’s been shootin off lateley!

Somehow they then got on the topic of her and Benji Madden taking baths together.  I cant imagine anyone was happy with the mental image of Benji Madden taking a bath, but Paris claimed “If we take a bath together, he’ll wash my hair, we’re very close.” which just makes things weird, and funny.

Then they talked about the obvious, her BFF show, in which she explains that she just wanted to do something fun, a way to meet people who weren’t from Hollywood.  People who weren’t already “jaded.”

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