Was Duchovny the Adulterer?

First the claims were that David Duchovny’s wife was the cheater and cause of their separation, but after denials that she had an affair with her co-star Billy Bob Thorton, new reports are claiming¬† that it might have been David sleepin’ around.

Duchovny’s tennis instructor has stepped forward and bought herself into the mix.¬† Why exactly i’m not sure, considering she would not say she had an affair with the actor.

Edit Parkay,¬† has came out and said she’s been close to Duchovny for some time now, saying; “We have a very, very close friendship, he is in great shape. He is a wonderful man. He’s very intelligent, very kind and good man.”

Then when asked if the two were romantically linked, Parkay said, I don’t want to say anything that might hurt David. I am not going to deny it. I don’t know what our relationship means to him.

Duchovny’s lawyer has stated there is absolutly no truth to these claims and that Parkay had admitted to him before the two had never been sexually involved.

I’m surprised the end of the tennis lady’s quotes didn’t say “For tennis lessons, please call 555-392-2292,” because really, what sex addict is going to sleep with his hot young tennis coach who he has to watch prance around in a short skirt all day…

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