Was Obama’s September SNL Cancellation All Part of the Plan?

Barack Obama, or ‘that one’ as I like to call him, canceled his appearance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live in September so he could help out with Hurricane Ike.  Could what seems like the right and noble thing to do in that situation just have been some back door plan to re-schedule him for a night people will remember?

According to Martin Eisenstadt, a top McCain adviser who played a big role in breaking the Joe the Plumber story, the latest scoop is that Obama is secretly scheduled for a November 1st appearance on the show, just three days before the election.

Eisenstadt heard from a Palin aide that during an SNL after party this weekend that a perhaps mind altered Seth Meyers blurted out something along the lines of “…yeah, but just wait til you see what we have cooked up for Obama’s appearance right before the election.”

Sure it could just be the last Saturday before the election when the campaign will be winding down and Obama will have some rest time,  but it’s no coincidence that SNL head honcho Lorne Michaels recently donated $4600 to the Obama campaign.

But hey, all is fair.  If you got good resources…Use em’.

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