Comics Discuss How to Rag on Obama.

A panel of comedy experts debated last night whether or not it would be tough to create material about the always proper President-elect Obama.

For four years at least comedy shows will have to come up with jokes and punch lines dealing with President Obama and they admit it might not be as easy as during the past 8 years of George W. Bush.

So how will they handle it?   Comedian Roseanne Barr says; “Obama is going to raise the level of intelligence (of jokes),” because of his sophisticated nature, while cartoonist Ted Rall makes a comparison to the age of John F. Kennedy.

Rall claims that the JFK presidency was a “good time for comedy,” and added; “Obama is so stuffed and uptight. Maybe he is asking for it.”

Saturday Night Live has had no trouble mocking the then senator on the campaign trail during their election sketches, so I think comedy is going to survive under the Obama term.

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