Kutch Defends Bush.

An outraged Ashton Kutcher worked off his inauguration hangover by lashing out at his myspace friends in a blog post this morning.

Ashton was “appauled” by the fact that people had the never to booo George W. Bush as he appeared on the stage to greet President Obama, and as he made his final entrance as President.

Kutcher writes;

“I was less impressed by the boo’s as the republican representative took the stage. I found it to be offensive and separating. I was also appauled (sic) by the people who didn’t stand when former President, then President G W Bush appeared. I urged the people around me to rise,” the actor wrote on his MySpace blog on Wednesday. “Regardless of whether or not you agree with, or like the man, he at that time was still our president and he gave 8 years of his life to serve you. The cook might not be making what you like but be greatful (sic) for the fact that he’s serving you at all… Don’t be an Obama patriot, be a patriot.”

Kutcher was a vocal Obama supporter during the campaign, and has started up the Presidential Pledge which encourages people to do their part to help get this country back to where it needs to be.

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