Family Guy Creator Scraps Britney Spears Cameo.


Family Guy creator Seth McFarline had it all lined up for Britney Spears to come lend her voice on an episode of the show, but he’s now scrapped the plans because get this!  McFarline fears if he has Britney on the show, the creators of Southpark, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, will retaliate with an episode of their show and start an all out war between the series’.

Southpark has put out a Family Guy diss episode once before, and when asked by TV host Jimmy Kimmel if Family Guy would be firing back at the potty mouthed fourth graders, McFarline said most likely not, because it takes 2 weeks to produce an episode of Southpark, and 9 months for an episode of Family guy.  He compared it to Southpark coming back at them with AK-47’s while they were trying to load the powder into their muskets.

But why would a Britney Spears cameo ignite a response from Parker and Stone?   Southpark mocked Britney for her personal problems last year on he series, and perhaps McFarline was just trying to keep her from being torn to pieces by the boys from Canada again.

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