Sandler Sued Over Gay Barber.


Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison production company has been issued with a lawsuit for copyright infringement over the character of Zohan in 2008’s You Don’t Mess With the Zohan.

Comic book author Robert Cabell filed the suit Monday in a Manhattan court, as well as infringement suits against Sony and Columbia Pitcutres, claiming that they stole the idea from his comic book series titled ‘Hair Raising Adventures of Jayms Blonde.’

In the movie, Zohan is an Israeli special forces agent who fakes death to travel to America where he can learn to style and cut the perfect hair.  According to Cabell, Jayms Blonde was the original super hero to fight corporate bad guys off with a blow dryer, living by the slogan, “he’s gorgeous, he’s gay, he makes bad guys pay.”

Zohan is clearly not gay for those who haven’t seen the movie, and doesn’t use any salon utensels as weapons but the cooincidental likeness of the two characters wolud prevent Cabell from ever putting out a successful movie about Jayms Blonde anyways.

It’s worth a shot, but will likely be thrown out.  Think about it, Bob, what gay male hairdresser hasn’t thought about fighting crime with his blow dryer and flattening iron  a time or two anywyas?

Can’t beat the free publicity though!

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